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best asset recovery solution

Why Go for a Timely Financial Fraud Investigation or Asset Recovery Solution Through the Trusted Service Providers?

Many companies face the major challenges of technology shift without realizing the importance of asset retrieval in the updates. With continuous obligation on companies to endure [read more...]

BFS Editorial Team November, 2020
best asset recovery solution

How do you find the Best Asset Recovery Solution for Your Small Business?

Upon discovery of the startling proportions in cybercrime, the organizations that plan to devise innovative solutions and trademarked methodology to fight this threat are growing in numbers. [read more...]

BFS Editorial Team November, 2020
nigerian national

Nigerian National Brought to U.S. to Face Charges of Conspiring to Launder Hundreds of Millions of Dollars from Cybercrime Schemes

A Dubai resident who flaunted his extravagant lifestyle on social media has arrived in the United States to face criminal charges alleging he conspired to launder hundreds of millions of dollars from business email compromise (BEC) frauds and [read more...]

BFS Editorial Team July, 2020

New york department of labour

Scammers are defrauding unemployed Americans

Americans are filing for unemployment benefits in record numbers, and scammers are trying to cash in. Fraudsters are swarming to take advantage of the health and economic crises caused by the coronavirus. Amid the schemes is one in which [read more...]

BFS Editorial Team April, 2020

credit cards

FBI Warns of 4 Cryptocurrency Fraud Schemes tied to COVID-19

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning that fraudsters are leveraging increased fear and uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic to steal money and launder it through the complex cryptocurrency ecosystem. According to a release from the FBI, [read more...]

BFS Editorial Team Feb, 2020

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